Laser Tag in Birchwood Mall

by admin

5:40 am -- May 16, 2014


Category: Glowgolfin

Laser Tag in the Birchwood Mall is all about heart-pounding world of last man standing or team standing laser tag. Glow Golfin' Laser Tag is here with our "No Vest & No Wire" laser tag. Our laser tag is top of the line technology that makes the game all about the player and his/her weapon. You will be amazed with our battle field that comes with special effects and lighting to help cover during your laser tag battle. Glow Golfin' is proud to bring our system to Port Huron and the surrounding communities.

Remember to ask about our special deals when it comes to playing Laser Tag and Glow Golfin'. The more you play the more you save.

Kids $6 for Laser Tag Kids $6 for Glow Golfin' If they want to do both it's $10

Adults $8 for Laser Tag Adults $8 for Glow Golfin' If they want to do both it's $12

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